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Tiger Woods Gets Arrested for DUI this Weekend

Posted by Steve Karimi | May 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

Golf living legend Tiger Woods found himself in a scuffle this Memorial Day weekend when he was arrested and pulled over by Florida police. According to Jupiter, Fla. authorities, Woods was found asleep at the wheel on the side of a six-lane road in the wee hours of the morning. His engine had been running and his right blinker had been flashing when he was discovered. After being awakened by law enforcement agents, he was charged and booked into Palm Beach County jail. Officers on the scene recalled that his speech was slow and slurred, and that he did not know how far he was from home. It wasn't long before his embarrassing mugshot was plastered all over newspapers, news outlets, and social media for all to see.

At first, news stations weren't provided with much information. Some claimed that he was passed out due to being so drunk, while others emphasized that he did not look like a man who had been drinking. In the midst of all the conclusion, Woods released a statement addressing his arrest and condition:

“I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions,” he wrote. “I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly. I would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends and the fans. I expect more from myself too. I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again.”

Woods proceeded to mention that he completely cooperated with law enforcement, and even personally thanked them for their professionalism in his statement.

By mid-day on Monday, Florida police had released an affidavit to clarify Woods' state and add more details to what had happened that morning. It confirmed the golfer's statement about not drinking when he was arrested. Apparently, he had taken several prescription drug medications to a recent surgery conducted on his lower back - his fourth back surgery since April 2014. Due to this surgery, he will no longer be able to participate in the remaining season of the PGA Tour.

The report revealed details about Woods' car, stating that both tires were flat and there were minor damages to the rims. The front side bumper and rear side bumper were also minimally damaged, and the passenger rear tail light was no longer working. The report also revealed that Woods had initially failed a roadside sobriety test because he wasn't able to keep his balance and accurately follow the officer's directions. He was released from custody on his own recognizance Monday morning. A court date has been set for July 5.

This is not a new phenomenon. The National Institute on Drug Abuse released a statement finding that approximately 10 million people over the age of 12 are cited for drugging while driving every year. Nearly 47% of drivers who test positive for drugs have used a prescription drug prior to their arrest.

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