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Seattle DUI Attorney

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence and can also be referred to as DWI or drunk driving.  If you are operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration over .08% (or over .02% if you are under 21), you can be arrested for DUI. A DUI conviction can have devastating effects on your finances, personal life and professional career. If you are facing a DUI charge and you're worried about the consequences you will face, there is hope. Steve Karimi is an experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to getting his clients the best possible results. He will dissect your case and look for areas of weakness to build a defense on. Attorney Karimi is a former prosecutor so he understands how the other side thinks.

According to the State Justice Department, in 2013 34,952 people were arrested for DUI in Washington alone. If have been arrested for DUI in Seattle, there is information that you should be aware of. A Seattle DUI attorney should be consulted with right away to make sure that you understand your rights. For example, you have 20 days after a DUI arrest to request a hearing in order to keep your driver's license. If you do not request this hearing, your license will be automatically suspended 60 days after your arrest. In order to keep your license, call a Seattle DUI lawyer immediately after you have been arrested. Even if you have not been formally charged yet, this administrative license suspension process has already begun.

Attorney Steve Karimi genuinely cares about his clients and getting justice for them. Police officers in Seattle are trained to spot DUI drivers. Sometimes, however, they get a bit over anxious and arrest innocent people for DUI. Even if you had a BAC over the legal limit (.08%), you still have hope of beating the charges with the help of an experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney. Just because you arrested does not mean that you will be found ‘guilty'. There are a lot of ways that a Seattle DUI attorney can defend your case.

DUI Defense Attorney In Seattle

The Law Offices of Steve Karimi is here to help people who have been charged with DUI in Seattle and the surrounding areas in Washington State. Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest, we can build a defense for you. Attorney Steve Karimi is a former prosecutor and knows what defenses work best for DUI cases. Some of the most common types of charges include:

First DUI: For many people a DUI arrest is their first time in trouble with the law. Even so, a first time DUI conviction can include jail time, steep fines, community service, and loss of license. Plus, a DUI on your record will make your insurance rates go up and show up during background checks.

Under 21 DUI: If you or your child has been arrested for DUI and is under the legal drinking age of 21, they will likely be charged with juvenile DUI. A juvenile DUI offense should not be taken lightly can lead to fines, probation, alcohol treatment and more. In addition, colleges and universities can use a DUI conviction as grounds for rejection.

DUI Accident: If you are charged with causing an accident due to driving under the influence, you should know that your charges are serious especially if injuries were inflicted. Consequences for a vehicular assault can include fines, loss of license for a long period of time, probation and even a sentence to state prison.

Canadian Citizen DUI Arrests: If you are a Canadian citizen who has been charged with DUI while visiting Washington, make sure you understand your rights. An attorney can not only make sure you get great results in your case, your attorney can make court appearances on your behalf in order to limit the number of trips you must make for your Washington DUI hearings.

Marijuana DUI: Even though marijuana is legal in Washington, it is still against the law to operate a vehicle with a certain amount of the drug in your system. Because marijuana stays in a person's body for several days, drug testing is not always accurate in drug DUI cases.

DUI charges should never be taken lightly. A conviction can result in jail time, community service, probation, alcohol treatment, DUI driving school, fines and fees, license suspension or revocation, installation of an ignition interlock system and more. The good news is that a criminal defense lawyer can fight your charges. As a former prosecutor for Washington State, Attorney Karimi knows what the other side looks for in a strong defense because he once was that person. When it comes to your future and your freedom, you deserve the best around. Call The Law Offices of Steve Karimi now or complete the Contact Us form to speak with him for a free consultation.

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If you have been charged with DUI in Seattle or the surrounding area, call The Law Offices of Steve Karimi. He has the skills and the experience to get you the best possible results. Do not trust your future to just anyone, get an experienced professional to defend you.