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Seattle Police Will Ramp Up DUI Patrols Ahead of New Year

Posted by Steve Karimi | Dec 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Christmas 2019 is behind us. You ate too many decadent desserts, you exchanged gifts (but don't understand why your wife doesn't seem more excited over her new vacuum cleaner), and your out-of-town relatives will be heading home in the next day or two. Now you can really relax, and what better way to celebrate your mother-in-law's departure than going to a New Year's Eve party.

But before you head to a party, you need to know that the Seattle Police Department will be stepping up DUI patrols between now and January 2, 2020. As a friendly reminder to not drive under the influence, they have released a dashcam video taken in 2015 of a man who was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and then found himself in a pile of trouble.

Dashcam Video

The dashcam video shows a Seattle officer approach a car that he had pulled over for having its headlights off. The driver hands over his license and registration and the officer is seen heading back to his patrol car to run a check on the driver.

When the officer goes back to the car, you can hear him ask the driver, “What's in your left hand? Show me what's in your hand.” The driver insists it's nothing but after a beat or two, the officer asks incredulously, “Are you kidding? You're about to snort coke on the side of the road?”

“I got some vitamin pills that I take,” the driver replies. He later admitted that the substance was cocaine, not a vitamin pill.

Later the video shows the driver standing behind his car with his back to the camera and in handcuffs. The officer is still stunned at what just happened. “What would possess you to do that on a traffic stop? I don't understand!”

“I don't understand, either!” the driver exclaims. The driver had had no previous traffic offenses. The officer had planned to let him off with just a warning until he discovered the cocaine.

Tips for New Year's Eve

While the video is amusing, there are some examples in it that you can learn from. First, the driver had pulled over safely to the right shoulder when he saw the flashing lights of the patrol car behind him. Second, the driver was pleasant and even courteous, and when the officer tells him why he stopped him (his headlights were off), the driver exclaimed, “My apologies!” Finally, the driver had his license and registration ready to hand over to the officer as soon as he approached the window.

But the biggest take-away from this video is, don't try to snort a line of cocaine while an officer checks your traffic history.

Seattle DUI Defense 

If you are planning to celebrate the new decade beginning at midnight on New Year's Eve, be safe. Don't drive while under the influence of anything intoxicating, whether it's alcohol, marijuana, or cocaine. And if you are out and need to get home, call a taxi or a rideshare service to get you there safely.

If you find yourself facing a DUI charge on New Year's Day, call the Law Offices of Steve Karimi immediately. Steve Karimi has years of experience fighting DUI charges on behalf of his clients. Call 206-621-8777 or fill out an online contact form to learn more.

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