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​How to Explain Your DUI to Your Children

Posted by Steve Karimi | Jan 28, 2019 | 0 Comments

Being charged with DUI brings out an array of feelings--fear, confusion, and possibly anger can surface in the aftermath of a charge. One of the most common feelings that follows the conviction of a DUI charge, however, is shame. How do you tell your parents? What will your friends and relatives think once they hear the news? And--maybe hardest of all--how do you explain your DUI to your kids?

If you're trying to find a way to tell your kids about your conviction of driving under the influence, you're not alone. Just a few days ago, a "Dear Abby" question probed the newspaper advice guru on how a father could tell his daughter about a past conviction of DUI.

How to Tell Your Kids About Your DUI

The best way to break the news to your kids that you've been arrested or convicted of DUI is to turn the conversation into a learning experience.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Children look up to their parents and often place mom and dad on a pedestal. This can make it hard for your kids to hear that you're in legal trouble. To some children, parents can do no wrong. Let your kids know that everyone makes mistakes in life. Many are small and inconsequential, but some are substantial and have a lasting impact. Let your kids know that you made a mistake, but that you're owning up to the mistake and taking responsibility for your actions. This approach can also serve another purpose--showing your kids that it's okay to make mistakes in life. Your kids shouldn't love you any less because you made a mistake, and it's important to let them know that you won't love them any less when they goof up.

Serve as a Warning

When it comes to a DUI charge or conviction, you can make telling your kids a more positive experience by being an example. You can serve as a warning of the consequences of drinking and driving. This is especially important for teenagers who are beginning to drive themselves--although kids are told time and time again and even know the consequences of being caught driving under the influence, seeing those consequences in action for someone in the immediate family can steer your kids away from getting behind the wheel after drinking. If you've lost your driving privileges, for example, your kids will know firsthand the aggravation that comes from not being able to drive. This can act as a deterrent for kids when faced with the option of drinking and driving in the future.

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